Auto Parts

Pep’s Auto Spares carry a large range of leading brands of Automotive Parts for you to select from. Please note that the logos are not necessarily placed near the product range they manufacture or distribute.

FILTERS – Oil Filters, Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Cabin Filters, Transmission Filters.

SUSPENSION – Shock Absorbers, Bush Kits, Lowering Block Kits, Spring Sets.

STEERING – Idler Arms, Pitman Arms, Control Arms, Springs, Pumps & Racks, Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints, Power Steering Hoses, Rack Boots, Pump Kits, Steering Dampers.

ELECTRICAL – Terminals, Cables, Relays, Plugs, Sockets, Car Batteries, Switches, Sealed Beams, Globes, Battery Cables, Glow Plugs.

IGNITION – Spark Plugs, Distributor Parts, Modules, Sensors, Spark Plug Lead Sets, Plug Leads, Ignition Coils, E.F.I Components.

FUEL – Fuel Pumps, Carburetor Kits, EFI Filters, Fuel Hoses, Injector Kits, PCV Valves.

BRAKES – Wheel Cylinders, Disc Pads Sets, Calipers, Brake Shoes, Brake Kits, Disc Rotors.

COOLING – Waterpumps, Radiator Hoses, Thermostats, Senders, Switches, Fanbelts, Radiator Caps, Heater Taps, Heater Hoses, Hose Clamps.

ENGINE – Gasket Sets, Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Seals, Engine Mounts,Timing Belts & Kits, Harmonic Balancers, Idler Pulleys.

DRIVELINE – Gearbox Kits, Unijoints, Oil Seals, Wheel Bearing Kits, CV Shafts, CV Boots,Transmission Kits, Transmission Hoses.

CLUTCH – Clutch Kits, Master Cylinders, Slave Cylinders, Clutch Cables.

MISC – Wiper Arms, Panels, Oil Caps, Fuel Caps, Wheel Studs & Nuts.

FLUIDS – Anti Freeze, Coolants, Brake Fluid, Auto Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Distilled Water.



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