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Disc & Drum Machining

Discover the Benefits of Disc and Drum Machining for Car Brakes


Our disc and drum machining services for car brakes are designed to save you money. We provide this service in order to help customers avoid the cost of buying brand-new discs or drums. While new discs or drums may be needed in some cases, see it is usually possibly to do disc and drum machining instead and this is typically quite affordable.

So, drug why choose this popular service? Well, you should know that your car brakes take a lot of abuse. The discs and drums are constantly being strained when the brakes are applied and this typically leads to significant wear and tear. In particular, the surface of discs and drums may become quite uneven over time. Other problems related to wear and tear include cracks or distortion.

Skilled machining of brake discs and drums will refurbish these car parts. Our team understand this process inside and out and they are standing by in order to offer you the highest caliber of workmanship.

To help you learn more about this valuable, cost-effective service, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Understanding the Process Our technicians will rectify issues with car brake discs and drums, via machining processes.

Their goal will be to restore the surface of discs and drums, so that discs and drums are able to provide an optimal level of friction. This process will also help brake pads to work as they should, so it offers dual benefits.

Our team will take great care during the process. They’ll begin by checking the minimum/maximum product specifications from your drum and disc manufacturer. Then, they’ll ensure that these parts are machined according to these “specs”. Machining will be conducted with a customised lathe which creates a brand-new surface.

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Your car brakes need to work perfectly. However, this doesn’t always mean expensive replacements. If you want to protect your safety and the safety of your passengers, talk to our team about disc and drum machining for car brakes. Our technicians will be able to assess your drums and discs and then put together a realistic quotation for services. You’ll find that the cost of machining is much less than the cost of new parts.

If you have questions about what we do, we encourage you to connect with our team today. Our team members are polite, well-groomed and very professional. They will ensure that you receive all of the answers that you need, as well as the high standard of service that you deserve.

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