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Get the Outside Coverage on Car Paint Mixing

Car paint mixing happens when a preferred car paint colour is prepared for a client’s vehicle. Usually, companies which provide this service have tons of auto paint shades at their disposal and they may mix colours in order to make custom shades. If the right colour is already in stock and requires no mixing, it will be offered to the client, as-is.

Most companies which offer paint mixing for auto paint are competent at matching original finishes. People pay for car paint mixing services because they can’t find their particular colour in an off-the-shelf spray can. It takes experience to get perfect matches and a lot of processes are involved in getting great results, such as the addition of thinners and reducers.

This Process Requires Expertise

Paint mixing for vehicles is not usually something that people do on their own, because they just don’t have the resources readily available. For example, the person who wants to do DIY car repairs, such as performing a touch up or minor scratch repair, or doing panel repair, or taking care of resprays which freshen up a car’s entire paint job, do not have the required tinters and formulae available to mix paint effectively.

Instead of trying to match paint alone, the person will pay for a mixed product from a car paint mixing service. This is a smart decision, as a smooth and seamless paint job definitely looks great and may positively impact resale value.

When you order, you may choose from a 350g aerosol can or larger containers of paint, such as those which hold 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L or 4L.

Get a Match Today

This type of custom auto paint service is designed to match original factory paint shades and most companies which offer this service ask their customers to supply them with the colour codes which are located on vehicle identification plates. You should find this plate under the bonnet, in the boot or inside your car’s door frame, near the driver’s seat. If you can’t find this information, the company may still be able to get a close or perfect match. However, having the colour code definitely makes things easier.

Different Finishes are Available

When you’re shopping around for car paint mixing products, you’ll have choices in terms of finishes. Two popular types of finishes are acrylic and two-pack paint finishes. Two-pack is a pro-only finish which is designed to be very hardy. It will resist damage from petrol, sun and rain more effectively than acrylic. Acrylic is easier to apply, as it doesn’t require the same safety protocol as two-pack. This is why two-pack, which is a fine choice for vintage autos, is meant to be applied by skilled professionals, rather than amateurs.

While acrylic doesn’t offer the same anti-rust properties and general ruggedness, it does create a pleasing, shiny finish and it’s definitely easier to apply, and easier to get to a good finish, so it has its advantages.

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Some of our stores have been mixing paint for over forty years.
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